Charm Kitty Cafe hits 50 cat adoptions in first five months of opening

A year ago this weekend, Cam Tucker started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his dream: a cafe where people can hang out with cats and adopt them.

Turns out, a lot of people wanted Cam to realize his dream and he raised the money needed to open what is now Charm Kitty Cafe in Hampden, the city's first ever cat cafe. The cats are brought in from the Baltimore Humane Society.

Recently, Charm Kitty Cafe celebrated its 50th adoption, which is pretty amazing since they haven't even been open for six months.

We caught up with Cam to see how things are going and what has changed since the cafe first opened on September 30.

Have you hit your stride? What's the feedback?

Cam: We definitely have hit our stride and made a number of improvements for both the cats and customers. The last four weekends we have been booked completely to capacity and we are almost at 60 adoptions since opening.

Have you been able to expand your menu?

Cam: Yes! We have been able to expand our menu within the rules we have been given. We now offer a new set of cat cookies every week, cotton candy, and we have officially partnered with the Alternative Baking Company and offer over 10 different types of vegan and gluten-free cookies that are absolutely delicious.

What activities do you have going on at the cafe?

Cam: We have four monthly events: cat yoga, cat game night, cat movie night, and cat wine night. We are working on a couple of additional events but we are waiting on getting the green light before we announce them but definitely more in store!

You must make a reservation to visit the cats and we suggest you do it earlier than later because spots fill up quickly! Charm Kitty Cafe is located at 3300 Clipper Mill Road in the Whitehall Mill.

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