WMAR partners with House of Ruth Maryland to help 'Fill the House'

5:13 PM, Oct 17, 2018
WMAR joins House of Ruth to help Fill the House

Package by package, the sheets, the blankets, and the wipes trickled in to help Fill the House.

"Many times [women] come with, literally, the clothes on my back and so have access to diapers, to wipes, to formula, to new underwear so that they can feel a little bit normal is just so important for their health," Cheri Parlaman, with House of Ruth Maryland, said. 

Parlaman says another year helping women and children impacted by domestic violence is what the organization was founded to create. 

"I love this cause. I supported them last year when you guys were here and I'll do it again -- for sure," Michelle Ciletti, a donor, said. 

"I grew up in this city, so yeah, there's a few people that I do know that have gone through some things here and there," Jennifer Augustyniak, another donor, said. 

The big truck from Von Paris did the heavy lifting as boxes filled with supplies were loaded up to take to the House.

"If I can help, as much as I can, I will do it. And the impact on them, I'm sure, is incredible. So that brings me joy thinking about that," Ciletti said. 

Joy for women and children who are looking for just that -- as the House looks to create new homes. 

"We've heard so many stories of women who have moved on and who have gotten a place where they are safe now and some of those women come back and want to help out and want to make donations," Parlaman said. 


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