Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics At Your Disposal

9:55 AM, May 17, 2022

A reliable psychic reader from a reputable website can be your go-to confidant when you have to make tough life decisions. They can be your light in the dark especially if you don’t have anyone else to turn to via best psychic readings online. A psychic can also do wonders for your self-confidence if you are going through a breakup or need some advice on your career.

They don’t necessarily have to share your experiences to be useful to you. A good psychic can lift the veil from your future via a psychic reading online and let you know the steps you can take to have a happier and more fulfilling life. We aren’t talking about your garden-variety psychic here. Rather than visiting a psychic reader in-person and paying an arm and a leg for sessions, choose psychic portals online for your daily readings.

But there are so many psychic websites out there that making a decision can be difficult. Good news! We have taken the guesswork out of your search by narrowing down the three best psychic websites for psychic reading online you can spend your hard earned money on without regret.

Top 3 Best Psychic Reading Websites

1. Kasamba - Best for guidance on important life decisions.

2. California Psychics – Best for love and relationship predictions

3. Psychic Source – Ideal for career advice and tarot card readings

Once you have done your due diligence and prepared yourself for a session with phone psychics, go through our review of the top three sites you can find the best professionals. Here is a breakdown of each one and what you can expect:

#1 Kasamba – Make Important Life Decisions with Help from Trained and Experienced Psychics


Kasamba is an extensive psychic network that allows people to connect with independent psychics who offer the best services such as astrological readings. We say best because each of these professionals are vetted by the people behind the site before they can get customers for tarot readings or spiritual readings. All psychic mediums, spiritual advisors and mediums are evaluated so you will only get the most experienced ones for psychic phone readings.

The site also offers a ton of user reviews which you can find on their profile pages for best psychics online. Find out what customers had to say about their experience with the best psychics online and you can make an informed decision. Those that have less than three stars are easy to spot so you can avoid those.

Here are some more features that makes Kasamba a psychic site worth visiting:

Easy to use

Kasamba is known for being easy to navigate. It’s clear that the people behind the site knew that most individuals are skeptical when they try out a psychic medium for the first time so they made they made the site extra easy to go through. Members can also read up on the benefits of psychic readings so they can be in a positive mindset during a session.

Members can choose the psychic medium they want by going through their profiles first. The information there will tell them what they can look forward to and the registration part is effortless as well. To connect with one, just select the ‘click to chat’ option and you will be taken to the registration page before psychic predictions. There, you have to set up an account and a payment method for the readings you get.

Once you have made an account, you need to log in using your chosen user ID and password before you can choose a psychic to work with for psychic predictions.

Wide range of psychic services

Kasamba psychic online offer a wide range of psychic services and from a single platform. Besides common psychic readings, these also include several sub categories such as aura readings, career readings, spiritual readings, angel readings, rune casting, pet psychic readings, crystal readings and more which you can get from a psychic online.

You can also ask the psychic for a custom psychic reading ng by merging a few of them or ask for a simple tarot reading if you are in a hurry. They give faultless information, but you can always switch to another psychic online if you are unsatisfied with a psychic reading. In some cases, you can also get some of your money back which you can use for the next psychic reading.

Detailed profile pages of each psychic

What is really great about Kasamba is that it has detailed profile pages of all of the psychics that are associated with it and who give psychic readings. These give members an unambiguous and clear picture of each one along with how popular they are with members. You can find ratings and evaluations of psychics for psychic reading online along with the price they charge per minute on their profiles.

Each psychic has different charges based on their popularity and experience for psychic readings. Choose one that meets your budget and needs and there shouldn’t be a problem.

Highly convenient

The biggest advantage for Kasamba site users is its convenience for psychic reading online. The site makes sure that members can find psychics for a psychic reading that can meet their needs easily and quickly after they sign up. Members can use several communication mediums to contact their chosen psychics for a psychic reading near me – choose a phone call or email if you are not comfortable with face to face sessions. Some psychics also offer live chat options for a psychic reading online so you can get an immersive experience.

The website also has an app which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices for a psychic reading. That way, members can rest assured that they can have access to psychics 24 hours a day and all 7 days of the week or whenever they want a reading.

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#2 California Psychics- Revive Your Love Life And Make Critical Decisions With Compassionate Psychics

California Psychics

With more than two decades of experience providing top-quality psychic readings to members, California Psychics is the go-to psychic portal for several people who want to know what fate has in store for them. They offer a wide range of professional psychics who can give a variety of psychic readings and each has its own price rate so you can remain within budget. The variety offers clients opportunities to choose a psychic they are comfortable with whether they are popular or not.

Signup process for a psychic reading

Before you can get a session from any psychic on California Psychics, you need to sign up for an account first. Click on the ‘Create Account’ button and you will be taken straight to the registration portal where you have to enter your personal details. This includes your full name, email, date of birth, and a password of your choice for a psychic reading. You will also be asked if you want to sign up for a free horoscope during the registration process.


The next thing you need to do is set up a payment option for a psychic reader. Even though the site offers free minutes on signup, you can avail them only if you set up a payment method. This can be a credit card, debit card, PayPal etc. Don’t worry. Your card will be charged only when you exceed the free minute limit with a psychic reader. It would be wise to top up your account with at least $20 so you can have sessions with at least two psychics to make an informed decision. California Psychics also offers partial refunds to members if they are unsatisfied with a reading from cheap psychics.

Picking a Psychic

Once you have completed the signup process for cheap psychics, go through the extensive directory and choose a psychic you are comfortable with. Choose from the ‘Psychics’ tab in the drop down menu for live psychics. You will find seers organized by category as per their specialties and categories so you will be able to find the chat psychics you need.

The first category you will see divides the psychics as per reading topics. These include pet psychics, love psychics, relationship psychics, money psychics and so on. So no matter what you are looking for you will find the psychic who can answer critical questions on California Psychics or a free psychic reading online.

There is also a category that divides the psychics according to their spiritual and psychic abilities. You can find mediums, clairsentients, dream analysts and even psychics who can channel spirits and give numerology readings. So if you want to reconnect with a deceased loved one, you can through their services.

Range of psychic tools

In California Psychics members can also choose psychics based on the tools they use. For example, you can find professionals who use tarot cards, oracle cards, crystal balls, runes, stones and even themselves to conduct astrology readings. You may resonate more with one tool than with another for past life readings and oracle card readings. Each one offers a different experience and reading so you shouldn’t be shy about trying out a specific reading tool or psychic you have never worked with.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to an account at California Psychics today and get a reading that can bring clarity to your life.

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#3 Psychic Source- Create the Life You Were Always Meant to Have With A Psychic Reading

psychic source.jpg

Psychic Source has been around for decades and is known for providing some of the best chat psychic readings to date to its many members. Here are some of the best features we found that make the website worth visiting and paying for chat psychic readings:

Simple navigation

Psychic Source is known for its simple and straightforward navigation which allows members to make the right choice for free psychics. Users can search as per the reading they want or the type of psychic they need. The search filters make the task easier. Use them to narrow down your choice.

If you want to search for free psychics according to your reading type you can do so by looking at each psychic’s profiles.

Several communication channels

Unlike most psychic reading websites, Psychic Source psychics offer spiritual readings via three channels namely phone, chat and video. This is great news for introverted members who don’t like face to face spiritual readings. You can just get a session via a phone call or even a simple text message from a psychic reader. While video chats promise a better experience, the people at Psychic Source understand that everyone has their own needs and are willing to accommodate them.

However, not all of the psychic reader you choose on the website may give readings via all three channels. Some may not give video readings while others may be more comfortable with just chat readings for psychic reading.

Strict selection process

All of the psychic readers and advisors on the website are vetted thoroughly by a panel of experts from Psychic Source for a psychic reading. No one is allowed to set up shop on the website if they don’t have experience as psychics and real skills. Each psychic has to undergo a thorough background check beforehand for psychic reading and consent to user reviews that members can give, both good and bad.

So you can rest assured that you will find professional and monitored psychics you can count on. Psychic readings are subjective in nature so if you don’t like the way they give psychic readings, you can always choose another psychic from the site with better reviews.

Comprehensive review feature

Speaking of reviews, Psychic Source has a comprehensive reviews feature which allows customers the freedom to evaluate each psychic as per their experience with them and their psychic readings. Some psychics have hundreds of these and many have an average 4 to 5-star rating for a psychic reading online. The rating and the reviews gives users a solid understanding of a psychic reader's abilities so they can make an informed decision.

All of the reviews for a psychic reading online are accessible to the public so you can get a detailed view of each psychic reader if you want to.

Easy bookings

Booking a reading on the Psychic Source website is quite easy for a psychic reading online. All you need to do is find a psychic who is online for online psychic readings. If they aren’t available, their profile will say ‘Busy’. You can choose to call them or chat with them or if the psychic is busy, you can schedule a Return Call or arrange one for a future date for online psychic readings.

If you choose to have your call returned, the site will connect you with different online psychics within half an hour for online psychic readings. If you connect to them and also have the first reading you missed, you get a discount. Plus, you only have to provide your account ID, email and password to avail the phone service or get in touch with available online psychics.

The website initially only offered phone based readings for career forecasts, dream analysis, fortune telling, love readings and more. and it is still a part of its business model. However, it has expanded its offerings and modes of communication better serve its members.

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What You Should Do Before Getting an Online Psychic Session

Before you sit down to a session with any psychic reader, do your due diligence and make sure you are in the right set of mind for a psychic reading. Here are some things you can do to make each session count:

Evaluate Your current emotional state

Are you grief stricken to the point that you have a hard time getting out of bed? Are you angry at your current state of mind and get teary eyed at the slightest provocation? If you answered yes to any of these queries, you need to undergo counseling first before you get a psychic reading from a psychic reader.

Psychics are NOT mental health counselors. They can only help bring closure to you by telling you what you can expect in the future. So before you sign up to any of the websites and get a psychic reading, make sure that you are in a healthy or close to healthy emotional state. Otherwise, you will have undue expectations which can lead to disappointment.

Choose the right psychic for you

There are literally hundreds of best online psychics you can choose from on the sites we are going to review. Some may be good for you, but others, not so much. Just because a psychic from say Kasamba gave your friend a great reading doesn’t mean they can do the same for you. You may not be a good fit. The good news is that the sites offer customer reviews, both the good and the bad, so you can make an informed decision. The profiles also mention the type of reading the best online psychics offer and the way they give them as well.

Since your session will be private, no one will be privy to the things you reveal during a reading with the best online psychics. So you can make a decision without getting influenced by anyone else.

Think about your loved ones before you get a reading

If you want to get psychic readings from a psychic who can connect with spirits of lost loved ones, spend some time thinking of them first. You have to prepare your mind to accept them and their presence so the medium can connect with them easily. Ask the psychic to explain the psychic readings to you beforehand and remain in a relaxed state of mind. You may feel skeptical during the first session, but if you relax, you can have a memorable and uplifting experience. The psychic needs you to communicate as well during such sessions.

Have an open mind

The more open minded you are during a reading, the better the experience will be for you. Trusted psychics won’t Google you before a session. They have better things to do and they know it is unethical to do so. If you are open minded, you will get better psychic readings since the psychic will base the readings on your aura. A clouded aura will make their job more difficult and result in a bad spiritual reading.

You are free to take notes and record the spiritual readings but ask the psychic if you are allowed to do so beforehand. Some sites have policies against this but you can always switch to another website that allows it. Plus, don’t keep an open mind at the expense of common sense. If a psychic seems too good to be true or is fumbling through sessions, hire another one. Don’t waste your money. Bad cheap psychic readings is not the end of the world but it shouldn’t stop you from getting another one.

Write down your experience with the psychic

Free psychic readings can take you on an emotional roller coaster ride you may not be ready for. So make sure you have a notepad in hand to record it. The information will help you review the process in a grounded state later. But be careful to choose the people you want to do this with wisely. The free psychic readings can bring up some complicated feelings and memories you may not want to share with anyone else.

Once the session is complete, think of new ways you can connect with the people who are not in your life anymore. Write letters, read them out loud during a session and bring pictures as well. It will make the experience memorable and it will also go smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that most first time members have about psychics and tarot readings before they sign up to a site:

Are Online Pyschic Readings Accurate?

The accuracy of a psychic reading can be affected by your attitude during the tarot readings. If you come to a session or psychic near me with a negative or skeptical mindset. The best professionals meditate before each session so they can give the best readings.

The psychic reader also prepares a space before they bring out their tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls. This small ritual brings them into a peaceful state of mind that allows them to give an accurate reading. You don’t have to be physically present for this to happen with a psychic near me. So if you like getting readings via phone or chat, you can rest assured knowing you will get your money’s worth.

What are the Different Types of Psychic Reader I can Encounter?

Different psychics have their own way of gaining insight into their customer’s future. A psychic reader may use cards and stones while others use pendulums, the stars and even themselves as mediums. Then there are those who rely on their clairvoyance powers to read the future through visions and some of them are highly sympathetic and can sense emotional vibrations. Choose a psychic reader who you can gel with and feel comfortable with for the best reading.

Some of the types of types of readings they give include the following:

Astrological readings – Psychic readers who can give psychic readings on celestial objects that can forecast your future and help you gain insight into your spiritual self.

Aura reading – These psychic readings involve the observation and interpretation of auras which are distinct for each person. Some psychics can actually see these auras and predict how a client will react to a reading beforehand.

Cartomancy – This is a fortune telling and psychic readings technique that makes use of a deck of special cards with symbols that have their own specific meaning. No two spreads are the same so each reading is unique.

Cleromantic reading – During cleromantic readings psychics cast small objects and read them as per their orientation and position.

Take time to decide on which type of psychics you are comfortable working with for your personal issues and you won’t regret spending money.

What Is the Difference Between a Tarot Reading and a Psychic Reading?

Tarot readings are a different kind of spiritual practice that requires a lot of guidance. It has grown in popularity along with psychic and clairvoyant readings for a reason. In ancient times, these cards used to be used as playing cards only. In time, they took on a spiritual meaning and were eventually used to give by the best online psychic readings predictions on a range of topics such as love, careers, relationships and the future.

So we can say there is no clear distinction between tarot and psychic readings. They are one and the same. The best psychics give psychic readings through tarot cards but not everyone uses them. Some use other tools such as stones and pendants or crystal balls. In any case, experienced psychics know the meaning behind each spread and the symbols in the Minor and Major Arcana.

The cards can predict your current situation and how your future may be laid out as per the best psychics. A tarot reader can lift the veil and make your path clearer by helping you realize important things about your life. An efficient and honest one will never say they can give 100% accurate online psychic readings. That’s because they cannot control which cards you pick and they shuffle the deck before each spread so they cannot guess either.

A tarot reading is a confidential discussion between you and the best psychics based on the spread you choose.

How Can I Know That a Psychic is Legit?

Simple, go through their customer reviews and you will have your answer. That is not to say that you will be satisfied with a popular psychic. The online psychics may not gel with you regardless. Check for psychics who have high ratings, but don’t leave common sense behind either. If a psychic seems too good to be true, move on to the next one. You can only know if you are talking to the real deal when you attend sessions. Let your instincts and research guide you for online psychics.

Go for a platform that has a positive track record to increase your chances of getting good online psychics. Compare their user friendliness and services with other psychic portals first though before you make a decision. It’s your money that is on the line here after all.

Should I Let The Psychic Guide Me?

You will have several questions in mind before your first reading, but the worst thing you can do is bombard the psychic with them the first chance you get. Control yourself or you will overwhelm them and that will have a negative effect on the reading. Let the psychic guide the session for you and you will be better for it. They will also initiate the discussion and take it in a direction that will be beneficial for you.

Oversharing will cloud their judgment and psychic abilities. Legit psychics will tell you to slow down and frauds will try to ensure you keep talking so they can use the info you reveal to trick you. That is one of the ways you can distinguish between them. So when you go in for a session, allow the psychic to guide the reading. The right one can even become a wellness coach for you.

Final Words

A psychic is only as good as the clients they get. If you go in with an open mind, you will get readings that will ease your heart and reduce your stress. Even if you are in an emotional state of mind, ease it beforehand. Do some breathing exercises, write down your queries in notes so you can ask them when the time is right for online psychic readings, and remain positive at all times. That is the best way to get readings that can satisfy you.

Don’t take our word for it. Use our review to find the best psychics in the aforementioned three websites. Go through customer reviews so you can make a decision that you will not regret. Remember, the psychics are vetted by the people behind the websites so they are morally obliged to ensure you have a memorable experience when it comes to giving online psychic readings. Otherwise, their ratings will drop and so will their clientele. So don’t be afraid that they will cut you off if you are skeptical.

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