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1:35 PM, Oct 18, 2022

Most of us do not know what the future holds for us. For many people, living their lives one day at a time and basking in its mysteriousness is good enough, but some may want to know bits of information about the future. And this is where psychic readings come to the rescue. Psychic reading isn't a new thing, and it's been around for centuries. Before, they were only available to people visiting fairs and traveling carnivals, but now you can see psychic reading shops on every corner.

And recently, free online psychic readings have become popular. With much of the world going digital, this profession has also taken their practice online, where they interact with their clients through different mediums such as video calls, phone calls, or texts. These psychics are available to answer questions on several different topics, from spiritual psychics readings to love psychics and clairvoyant readers. The best part about this age of digitalization is that you can get a psychic reading while sitting comfortably at home. You don't have to show your face to the reader if you're uncomfortable, and you can opt for live chats, texts, or phone calls.

There are so many websites that offer psychic reading to anyone interested. So if you're looking for the best ones, continue reading this article. We will be discussing in detail 6 of the best psychic reading websites.

Psychic Websites



  • Best platform for newbies
  • 5 minutes FREE for the first session
  • 24/7 online support

Purple Garden

  • Personable psychic predictions
  • Affordable services and many active psychics
  • $10 free credit with any payment


  • Convenient mobile app to connect with psychics


  • Best for love and relationship advice
  • First 3 minutes FREE
  • A broad range of prices fitting every budget


  • In-depth psychic readings



Since 2011, Mysticsense has been in the psychic reading market as one of the top psychic sites for people who want to get an accurate psychic reading done. Mysticsense is well known for offering a wide range of psychic reading types such as love, relationship, career, and general life questions.

They also have the online psychic mediums for more specific issues such as broken hearts and those who cater to the LGBTQ+ community. There are so many factors that make Mysticsense one of the best options on this list. Let's take a look at a few of them:

Best Features of Mysticsense:

Qualified psychic readers:

Mysticsense has the best online psychic readers who are all thoroughly vetted by the website, so you can be sure to find only the most experienced and real psychic readers for your session.

Every reader goes through a rigorous screening process conducted by an experienced panel on the Mysticsense team. The screening process makes sure that these readers follow their code of ethics and uphold all their standard practices to respect customer privacy and confidentiality.

Personalized search filter

The Mysticsense website is developed with the latest technology, so when you use the search filters, you will find that the mechanism is super advanced. Whether you want to look for love readings on broken relationships, or marriage, you'll be sure to find your choice of reading even when searching for a broad category.

This way, you won't waste time looking for the perfect psychic for you, and you'll have more time to spend on the session.

Welcome bonus:

When you log into the Mysticsense website for the first time, you will be given a free 5-minute trial period where you can test out different psychic medium readings before you start spending any real money.


  • They have a large number of qualified online psychic readers
  • The website is optimized for the best user experience
  • You get a free 5-minute trial period


  • They don't have a mobile application for their website



As one of the oldest digital psychic reading websites, Kasamba is known to be a very reliable website for psychic reading enthusiasts. Like any other psychic reading website, they also host several readers who are experts in different fields such as love, career, relationships, spirituality, and empowerment.

If you're into other forms of psychic reading, such as tarot cards or astrology, you'll find a reader that can cater to your needs at Kasamba.

Best Features of Kasamba:


The main priority of Kasamba is to offer help to all their clients whenever they need it. Hence, they have a client-focused approach in their business model that is available 24/7 whenever clients need some help and guidance from their psychic readers.

All their readers are vetted thoroughly by the website, for they are recruited to offer their services on the platform, so you can be sure to find a reader that suits your needs.

Different types of readers:

Everyone on the platform in search of a reader has different needs. At Kasamba, you can be sure to find a qualified reader for any kind of help you might need.

Apart from the usual love, career, and life coach psychics, you'll discover those specialized in specific fields, such as tarot readers, astrologers, and career forecasters.

Blog posts

Since Kasamba is always working tirelessly to give the best services to all their clients, they make sure to give their clients the information they need. They do this through a section on their website that posts blogs about different topics.

Anytime that a client is unsure of or wants more information regarding any issue they might have, they can go through this section and find well-written blog posts about different topics.


  • Past customers' reviews are available for new clients to go through
  • They accept a wide range of payment options, including PayPal
  • The website offers horoscope reading every day


  • They don't have the provision that allows video psychic readings

Purple Garden

Purple garden.png

Although digital, if you are looking for something that happens in real-time and don't want to just talk on the phone or text, you can choose this psychic website. The purple garden offers live chats and live video calls for any reading session for its clients.

The live chat feature helps you talk to some of the most gifted psychics in real-time and have a more realistic experience. The reader can answer all your questions in real-time, and you'll also get a sense of physically sitting down with your reader through this feature.

The best part is that the user interface is super friendly, so if you think that Purple Garden will probably be a complicated website to navigate through, you couldn't be further from the truth.

They even have a mobile application that is super easy to use and navigate. You don't need to spend hours learning how to use the application, so you have more time to spend on your session and not knowing how to use the app.

Best Features of Purple garden:

Easy methods of transaction:

Once you have your account set up and all your modes of payment verified by your service provider, you can easily make all kinds of transactions on the Purple garden website.

Transparent payment information:

The website has a very transparent way of giving information to its clients. All their rates and charges are mentioned on the website so the clients can know how much it will cost per session when choosing a reader for them.

This assures the clients that there will be no hidden costs and avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the session. They can also adjust their budget to what they can afford instead of overspending.

Refund policy

As if things could get any better, Purple Garden offers a full refund policy to all its clients who are dissatisfied with their services. Although it is improbable that such a scenario will happen, given that they have the best trusted psychics readers on the platform, if it does, you can be sure that you are not wasting your time or your money with this website.

They strongly value their customer's opinions, so if you ever feel like you were wronged through their services, you can quickly request a refund, and the total amount will be reflected in your account within 3 days.


  • They have a mobile application that is compatible with multiple devices such as Smartphones and tablets
  • They have a wide selection of legit readers and reading types
  • They have a refund policy, so you know that they are not scamming you for money


  • They don't have blogs or more comprehensive information for their clients



Another widely popular free psychic reading platform is Keen. This platform is most known for its spirit medium readings and most of its customers come seeking these spiritual readings on the forum.

Their free psychic readers are very well qualified to deal with spirit readings and spirituality, which is why many customers swear by their authentic psychics who specialize in this field.

The Keen website is open to all customers from around the world, but their medium of exchange for text psychic reading is English, so if you are not a fluent writer of the English language, you might face some problems. The good news is

that they offer more than just texting when doing a psychic reading session.

You can opt for phone calls where you can speak different languages with a reader. Keen has an impressive lineup of popular psychics from different walks of life who can speak many other languages, so language is not a barrier if you want to use this website.

Best features of Keen:

Comprehensive list of readers:

Because keen's services are available to clients from across the globe, they have true psychic readers from all corners of the world. The list is quite diversified, so clients can find someone they are comfortable with on this platform.

In addition to the diverse range of accurate psychic readers on this platform, they also speak many languages, so language can never be a barrier, except if you opt for texting. In this case, you may be limited to readers fluent in English only.

Keen houses more than 1700 advisors, so there is no doubt that you'll find someone who fits your persona of the perfect reader.

Free trial:

If it's your first time doing a free online psychic reading, you might be holding yourself back because you don't trust the system much. Worry not because keen offers a free 3-minute trial period for all newly registered clients.

You can try out any of their services on the platform for free for 3 minutes before you start paying for their services. You can take this time to try out different readers and find out which one suits you best or if the session is worth spending more time and money on.

My Keen Blog:

There's nothing like blogposts that can give detailed information to users, and Keen does that with their "My Keen Blog" section on the website. This section allows all users to read up and get more information on different psychic reading topics.

Some of Keen's reputable psychics are the writers for this blog, so when you browse through their online psychics list, you will see a button that means that the psychic reader is a frequent contributor to the My Keen Blog section.


  • You get a free psychics trial period for three whole minutes
  • The website can be accessed from all over the world
  • They have 24/7 customer support for any kind of help


  • They don't offer video call readings



AskNow is well known for its short response time because the website is super interactive with its clients. Whether you are already a member of the website or a newbie, the customer service team is ready 24/7 to cater to your every need.

They ensure that all their clients get all the information they need before making any decision, so you'll see that they have a psychic hotlines available for any customer service help that customers might have.

On the website, when browsing through their readers, you'll find that they have made it easier for clients to choose a reader by attaching a profile picture, their qualifications, and a short description of the readers.

Hence, you will find a profile picture of every psychic reader and a short description of their qualifications and specialties. You can do your research and pick the most desirable reader for you.

Best features of AskNow:

Responsive website:

The priority for AskNow is to make the psychic website as interactive as possible. This is why you'll notice that the page is very responsive, with a team ready to answer all your questions if you ever have any.

They are responsible for helping clients make informed decisions in very high regard, so you'll see that they always have a toll-free number out and are ready to receive calls from clients.

Blog posts

AskNow is another one of those websites that have an advisor's column for clients to go through. These blogs are based on diverse topics about legit psychic readings so that clients can better understand the whole process.

The readers write these blogs on the website, so you can be sure that when choosing a blog to read, they are written by well-qualified and knowledgeable readers.

Free psychic question:

AskNow's unique selling point is that they have a feature that allows clients to ask a free psychic question to their readers. Once the question is asked to the reader of their choice, the client can decide if they want to fully commit to the reader and pay for an entire session or not.


  • The readers are rated on a 5-star scale, so you can choose the ones who have a higher rating for the best experience
  • Their search filters are fully optimized for easy access to the best readers
  • The reading sessions are comparatively cheaper than other platforms


  • It may be challenging to find a reader who speaks another language other than English


The Oranum website is an excellent platform for any psychic reading enthusiasts who want to have a session through chat psychic reading or video call. If you've wanted a face-to-face interaction from the comfort of your home, this is the one for you.

There is also a lot of room for the clients to get to know their readers personally because the readers can create their profiles, post pictures, and share thoughts on the platform.

Best features of Oranum:

24/7 live stream:

On Oranum, you can join live streaming from your favorite readers and get a real-life experience by interacting with psychic readers. It can be a way to see if you'll get along with this specific reader. If you think you will, you can send a private message saying you would like to start a private session with them.

Free psychic chat:

For all the newcomers on the platform, they offer the first chat with your reader for free. If you're still a little apprehensive about the whole process, you can ease up by trying a free first chat with a reader of your choice so that you can get accustomed to how the entire thing works before you start paying money for their services

User-friendly website:

As extensive as its features are, Oranum is a very easy-to-use website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Everything you are looking for is easily detectable on their homepage, and you don't have to dive too deep into the workings of the website to use it to its full potential.

The sign-up process is also super simple and quick. You will hardly spend a few minutes when signing up. Plus, it's free to sign up.


  • You get a free live psychic chat option with your reader before starting the paid sessions.
  • Optimized filters to help your browsing get more accessible and simpler
  • A diverse range of the best psychics


  • There are no customer ratings available for their services or their readers.

How we choose the best psychic reading websites

Since there are hundreds of psychic reading websites available, it's no surprise that people find it challenging to find a website that is right up their alley. For this article, we have developed a systematic method that helped us choose the top 6 psychic reading websites. We have considered a few factors when choosing the websites listed above.


When choosing an excellent psychic reading website, one of our priorities is to ensure that the readers or psychic advisors are credible and authentic. There is no point in having a good and interactive platform if the psychic readers on the forum are all fraudsters. This is the reason why we made sure to check each website for their vetting process when choosing their readers.

The best websites have an intensive and rigorous process of choosing good psychics, ensuring they are qualified and experienced to handle all kinds of clients that may come on the platform. We strongly believe that a psychic reading platform is only as good as the real psychics on the forum. 


One more aspect to look for is the level of realistic claims that the true psychics make. Many fraudulent websites can make false or very unrealistic claims about their services, which is humanly impossible. However dark and mysterious famous psychics may seem, they are still human and are capable of only human functions.

Hence if a website is making claims about 100% accuracy in fortune-telling and predicting your future, you should be wary that these are false claims. A psychic's reading can only tell you so far. And it's never 100% accurate.

User-friendly interface:

One more factor that many websites tend to overlook is the user-friendliness of the psychic websites. Customers should easily find what they are looking for without having to take a lengthy tutorial on finding things on the website. People from all walks of life should be able to use the website to its full potential.

Customer Reviews:

As obvious as it may sound, checking customer views is crucial in shortlisting the best websites. Customers are the ones who have tested their services and are sharing their opinions on how their experience was.

There are so many fake psychic readers and psychic reading platforms that a website needs to have a system in place for customers to understand that they are a legit business.

One of the best things to look for is customer reviews. Customers never lie about the services they receive. Hence, when a website posts authentic customer reviews, you can be sure it is a legit business providing essential services.

When a website has organic reviews, you can be sure that the website is authentic. You'll waste less time looking for the customer reviews of any website before diving straight into the psychic reading part and potentially losing money.

Some Guarantee:

The best service websites offer some kind of guarantee to all their users, and they make sure that customer satisfaction and service are their priority. Hence, for any chance they get, they offer some guarantee to their customers to keep them loyal and to return.

Whether monetary or service-wise, the customers should feel like the website is trying to help them with the offers. For instance, a refund policy or free trials are good guarantees that the psychic sites offer their clients. This shows the clients that the website respects their time and money; hence they must be genuine.

Responsive services:

When looking for the best websites, we found that the top-rated ones were those that offered a lot of diverse options to their clients. All of our top picks are websites that have various services. They offer clients a wide range of services, from astrology psychic reading and tarot card readings to numerology, aura readings, palm psychic reading, and clairvoyant psychics.

These websites understand that the more diverse their options, the better the choices for their clients because they can find something that suits their needs.

Which type of psychic prediction is better: Paid or free psychic reading online?

Many websites offer free phone psychic reading and real psychic readings to their clients as an introductory offer. Once they get a feel of what the psychic reading sessions will look like, they can start paying for their services.

When free period ends, if you have found someone that you like, you can choose to pay them for their services and enjoy an entire session with them. The best part about free psychic readings is that you can choose to stop the session whenever you want if you are not feeling the reader. You can select another reader and continue doing so until your trial period is over.

Of course, free psychic readings are good on the wallet, but if a psychic site is offering complete services for free, you may want to have it double-checked because many of these psychic reading websites have a "you-get-what-you-pay-for" policy. So if it's free of cost, there might be a catch.

At the same time, just because you pay a lot doesn't mean you'll get the best services. Sometimes the cheaper options are better. This is why choosing a free online psychic expert is not an easy task. What works for you may not work for another person, so you must do your range of testing and trials before you find someone that suits your personality.

Should you go for local psychics or online psychics?

Before the digitalization of the world, face-to-face sessions were widespread for psychic readings. However, with more online psychic readings, it is becoming more convenient and more accessible for people to opt for psychic readings from the comfort of their homes.

It is a matter of personal preference. Some people would rather talk to someone face to face, while others prefer being anonymous or want to speak only through text or the phone.

Another factor to consider when choosing between online and local psychic reading is money. You may have to spend more money offline if you have a long commute to the shop. But again, if your local psychic charges less than the online psychics for the same service, you can choose the cheaper option.

If you opt for an accurate psychic reading online, you can have real-life experiences also through live chats and video calling features available on some websites. This offers a window for those people who want to do face-to-face sessions but can't.


Can I get free psychic readings?

There are many online psychic websites where you can get love psychic reading for free. They typically offer 3-5 minutes of the free trial period before you can start paying for their services. Websites like Mysticsense, Kasamba, Purple Garden, and AskNow have free reading trial periods for their customers.

Are psychic readings 100% accurate?

You may not get a very accurate or correct reading, but with some sense of what to expect, you might say that you'll be better prepared for life.

What is the process of hiring psychics?

The screening process for hiring psychics are on the platforms should be set in stone and follow a few rules, such as making sure that the psychics understand the code of conduct of the website and respect the client's privacy. A few standard practices for every psychic reader should be set in place by the website beforehand.

How to differentiate a genuine psychic from a fraud?

Genuine psychics know not to make unrealistic, unreachable promises to their clients. They ensure proper communication with their clients to guide them through their issues rather than give them answers out of the blue, which is irrelevant and out of this world.

How cheap are cheap psychics?

Some websites will offer cheap psychic reading services like $1 psychic reading, which helps attract more customers.

How to find the best accurate psychics near me?

If you are thinking of visiting free online mediums or psychics for reading, there are a few things you need to consider before choosing one. The most important thing is to do research, find out the authenticity of the psychics and do a "psychics near me" search online and find which ones are more convenient for you. You can also read customer reviews or opt for free psychics online available on different platforms.

One thing to always keep in mind is to have your mind open and focused on what you need to be answered. Go to a psychic when you're emotionally stable. Otherwise, you might become too susceptible to anything the psychic says or feel more anxious than how you went into the session.

Can Psychic readers see the future?

Psychics are trained to tap into your aura and give you an idea of your present, future, or past life. You can go to them to give you an idea of what your next step in life should be or nudge you in the right direction when making difficult decisions.

What is the difference between paid and free psychic reading?

There's not much difference between paid or free psychic readings except that you have to pay for one, and the other is free. In most cases, many websites offer both services to their clients.

For many websites, you will find that the first few free minutes of psychic reading are top quality because they want the customers to relate to them and decide to go full time and even pay for their services. On the other hand, when you pay for your psychic reading, you can enjoy an entire session seamlessly, without any interruptions.

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