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3:06 PM, Jul 28, 2022
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Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many people have considered seeking out a free psychic reading to help ease the challenges life throws at us—myself included. 

It’s understandable to think life is unfair.

Doubt and worry can interfere with our lives even when things seem to be going well. We can often forget to simply pause once in a while and accept that some things are beyond our control. It’s not always easy to see our true path to a calmer, more fulfilling life. 

This is where psychic readings step in. 

Millions of people worldwide have turned to psychic readings during difficult times for spiritual guidance, support, and advice. 

But one question still remains… Which online psychic reading services are trustworthy?

While almost every psychic network offers discounts for first-time callers, knowing which platform ensures their psychics are truly gifted and not scammers can be a tricky task.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve taken a hard look at as many psychics websites as possible and narrowed down our list to three top recommendations but several great options overall. 

Each of the platforms below offers free minutes and introductory discounts.

However, we also ranked these sites based on their reputation, hiring process, customer reviews, available advisors, features, and more

Top 3 Free Psychic Reading Websites - Quick Look

1. Kasamba

Kasamba is one of the most trusted online psychic reading platforms with 20+ years of experience. 

They have more than 3 million users and offer 3 free minutes as well as 70% OFF your first session.

2. Psychic Source

Like Kasamba, Psychic Source is an established psychic reading website that offers 3 free minutes to first-time users. 

That said, they also have a very affordable $1/min offer, which can amount to an impressive 91% discount (as some of the best psychics can charge up to $11/min).

3. Keen Psychics

Like our 2 other picks above, Keen has been around for more than 20 years. 

Besides offering 3 minutes for free, they have an incredibly generous 10 minutes for $1.99 offer, which is possibly the lowest rate we’ve seen.

Why Trust Us

As an Astrologer, Tarot reader, and psychic writer for many years, I’d like to share with you the research I’ve done regarding the best available deals on the Internet for psychic readings.

I believe everyone deserves an affordable chance at seeking the guidance they need (or want) through psychic readings. 

This goal has led me to every online psychic platform currently available, which I have tried out, reviewed, and still continue to gauge to find the best option to get a free psychic reading online. 

Where to Get a Free Psychic Reading Online

1. Kasamba - Best for a Free Psychic Love Reading

Kasamba Logo - Special Deals.jpg



  • Higher prices for some Advisors

By far, the number one topic Psychics are questioned about is love and relationships. The people at Kasamba know this, which is why almost two-thirds of their featured Psychics list love matters as their top specialty. 

Yet besides offering experienced and compassionate insight into your romantic problems, Kasamba also tries to be sympathetic when it comes to your wallet.

Getting a Free Psychic Reading

Every new visitor to Kasamba will get a free psychic reading via the site’s three-minute offer and then 70% off up to $50. Of course, three minutes might not sound like much, but it’s usually enough to sense if someone is “getting” you or not. 

Chances are you might not click with the first Psychic you chat with, which is why (even after your first reading) Kasamba will continue to give you 3 minutes free with each new Advisor. 

As further protection, Kasamba also offers a money-back guarantee of up to $50 if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

Click here to get 3 free minutes on Kasamba (official site)

Psychic Readings

With a menu that lists just about every type of reading there is, including one of my favorite methods utilizing the Kabbalah, Kasamba seems to have all the bases covered:

  • Psychic Mediums
  • Astrology
  • Tarot Readings
  • Numerology
  • Love Readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Dream Analysis
  • Pet Psychics
  • Love and Relationship Readings
  • Aura Readings
  • Career Forecasts
  • Crystal Readings
  • Daily, Weekly Horoscopes
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Financial Outlook
  • Fortune Telling
  • Graphology
  • Intimacy
  • Kabbalah
  • New Age Spirituality
  • Occult
  • Palm Readings
  • Paranormal
  • Picture Readings
  • Religion
  • Remote Viewing
  • Rune Casting
  • Universal Laws

Site Features

This is a straightforward site to navigate, featuring bold menu headings along with clear, informative descriptions of each Advisor and their experience. Each profile displays a star rating, customer feedback, specialties, languages available, and a detailed description so you can learn more about a Psychic before committing to a reading. 

Aside from readings, a particular feature I’d recommend is the free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes available for each sign (including a monthly love horoscope where you can pair any two signs). 

The site also has many other clearly written articles, including a section titled “All About Psychics” that would no doubt be quite useful for any newcomers to the site.


As you might expect, Kasamba Psychics are tested beforehand and must continuously meet strict quality guidelines. Since even some well-known platforms in the industry don’t screen their psychics, it’s reassuring to know that you’re less likely to run into inexperienced or even fake psychics on this particular site. 

Final Verdict

With a wide array of talented and compassionate clairvoyant Psychics, a sizeable discount on your first reading, and free psychic readings, Kasamba could be the perfect site for your first psychic reading. 

This is especially true if you’re after free psychic love readings and relationship advice.

This particular site has a page dedicated to Love Readings with Advisors offering guidance tailored specifically to soulmate connections, marital life, dating, breakups, and more. 

Life (and love) can be stressful, but Kasamba’s Love Psychics seem genuinely determined to help answer your romantic queries, whatever they may be. 

Get 70% OFF your first psychic reading on Kasamba

2. Psychic Source - Best for a Free Psychic Chat Reading Online

Psychic Source Logo - Special Deals.jpg


  • Good discounted packages
  • Wide variety of readings
  • Phone, video, and chat Psychics
  • Helpful “Find a Psychic” feature
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • (For some) pre-paid account requirement

As the oldest online site for Psychic consultations, Psychic Source has a lot going for it.

Besides free psychic readings, they also take pride in helping their audience learn more about spirituality and the psychic world. There is a free Articles and Media section that includes not only pieces written by their Advisors on various esoteric subjects but also daily horoscopes.

Getting a Free Psychic Reading

At Psychic Source, the first three minutes of any reading are free. Besides free psychic readings, they also offer a discount to all new customers of $1 per minute for 10, 20, and 30-minute packages. 

This makes it possible to schedule a reading with a top Psychic who might otherwise charge anywhere from $5-$11/minute—helpful if you’re stuck on a budget but need advice from a more experienced Advisor

There’s a money-back guarantee as well. 

So if you’re unsatisfied with your reading for any reason, you get a refund (site credit). As an additional safeguard, each customer is required to register a pre-paid account that helps you monitor how much you spend. While this could be a downside for some, it’s probably the easiest way to make sure you stay within your budget. 

Click here to get 3 free minutes on Psychic Source (official website)


No matter what type of service you choose, Psychic Source offers video, chat, and phone psychic readings. And like Kasamba, Advisors on Psychic Source specialize in using different psychic tools:

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Numerology
  • Dream Interpretation

These are based on systems of symbols that have defined meanings and are interpreted by the Reader. But you can also get a reading without tools based on what an Advisor senses about you: 

  • Communications with Angels, Spirits of Ancestors, or Spirit Guides
  • Information from Hidden realms and the Beings who inhabit them

Site Features

In spite of everything that’s packed onto this website, I found it surprisingly user-friendly.

Each Psychic’s profile includes not only their specialties and examples of their writing but also the communication methods they use (phone psychics, chat psychics, etc.) and hours of availability. Honestly, it shouldn’t take long to find a Psychic that matches your needs. 

But if you’re still unsure, you can use the “Find a Psychic” tool.

This feature is interactive and helps customers locate the right Psychic for them. There’s also a helpful tutorial on the main page that explains the registration and payment system in easy-to-understand language, so there will be no surprises later on.


Psychic Source requires a minimum of 10 years of experience and multiple interviews for all of its online psychic readers. Such strict requirements help Psychic Source ensure you have the best chance of getting an accurate psychic reading via their site. 

Final Verdict

Besides having a stable of highly-screened Psychics, Psychic Source is well-known for offering some great introductory deals. However, personally, because they offer just that little extra support to all new and returning clients, I think that’s where Psychic Source shines. 

There’s a dedicated customer care page with Live Help and an FAQ section for common issues, instructional videos on how to use the platform, helpful tools to Find a Psychic, and plenty of Articles & Media that you can access for free. 

Take advantage of the $1/min intro offer on Psychic Source

3. Keen - Best Variety of Free Psychics and Mediums Online

Keen Logo - Special Deals.jpg


  • 20 years of experience
  • Plenty of gifted Psychics to choose from
  • Wide variety of readings
  • Affordable 10-minute welcome deal
  • Helpful client-psychic matching feature
  • Easy-to-use filter tools


  • Advisors aren’t screened

In comparison to the previous sites, Keen probably falls somewhere in the middle. On the one hand, they proudly advertise the largest community of Psychics online (with many positive reviews to back it up), while on the other hand, their Advisors aren’t screened. 

That said, there’s still a public rating system and reviews on each profile, so it shouldn't be hard to find a good psychic for your needs. You just need to be a little more diligent than on other websites − and of course, use common sense.

Getting a Free Psychic Reading

Like other sites, Keen offers new customers a couple of ways to try out their online Psychics. The first involves having the initial three minutes of your first reading free. However, this only applies to one reading—not every new reader as on other sites.

But to make up for that, there’s a deal of 10 minutes for $1.99.

Though what makes this interesting (and potentially confusing) is that the 10 minutes can be split up between various Psychics. This means you can get two (or three) separate readings with different Readers rather than one reading with someone you might not instantly connect with. 

There is also a tip section where some of the Psychics offer advice on how to get a good reading on a budget, though it mostly focuses on how to ask quick and direct questions. My advice would be to stick to the readers with the highest ratings.

Get 10 minutes for only $1.99 on Keen’s official website


Of course, the site with the most Psychics would have to offer a large variety of readings.

  • Psychic Mediums
  • Spiritual Readings
  • *Astrology (Western, Chinese, Mayan, Vedic)
  • Tarot
  • Numerology
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Angel Readings
  • Pet Psychics
  • ……And many, many more

Site Features

Although the site does require some searching around, a particular feature I liked is the “Readings 101” page. Consulting this is a must for any first-timer. It highlights important questions to ask depending on the sort of reading you’re getting, spirituality FAQs, and tips from some of the best online Psychics to get the most out of your session. 

As with some other sites, there is also a free Horoscope section with daily, monthly, and yearly forecasts.


In spite of a large number of positive reviews on the site, Keen doesn’t screen their Psychics, so it’s best to stick to those with the best reviews.


This is a site that offers a lot, from a wide array of Psychics to free information. But more importantly, the 10-minute offer makes it one of the most affordable options for first-timers.

Get 3 free minutes or 10 minutes for $1.99 on Keen

4. Oranum - Best for Free Psychic Readings via Live Stream

Oranum Logo - Special Deals.jpg


  • Free live video chat to test out Advisors
  • Good introductory deal
  • Affordable online psychic readings
  • Strict screening of all the psychic readers


  • Inconsistent prices per minute

Welcome to Oranum, it’s show time!

Undoubtedly the glitziest of these sites, Oranum presents its online Psychics in live video performances.

But don’t get me wrong, this aspect of the site is not a detriment. Once you’ve registered, you can watch any Psychic live in a free chat session before choosing to have a reading.

Getting a Free Psychic Reading

It’s free to register on Oranum and explore the site. But if you want to go beyond exploring you’ll be required to choose a payment option to get a $9.99 credit in the site currency called “coins”. After that, you can begin watching free live video chats with any Psychic reader who captures your interest and use your $9.99 credit to get a psychic reading. 

When your initial credit is done you can then buy additional packages ranging anywhere from $25 to $100. One thing to be aware of is that online psychics regulate their own pricing, which can change without warning from as low as less than $1 a minute to a max price of $9.99 a minute.

Click here to check out Oranum’s free live readings (official site)


Offering not only free psychic readings but spiritual healing as well, you will likely find whatever popular (and unique) type of service you’re looking for on Oranum.

  • Clairvoyants
  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Sound Baths
  • Pet Psychics

Site Features

The site is easy enough to navigate, yet because of the strong emphasis on video performance, Oranum can sometimes seem like you’re at a carnival. On the other hand, The Blog contains a great deal of useful information and rates with any other I’ve seen if you’re interested in doing some paranormal research.

Screening Process

Oranum claims to rigidly screen its Advisors, which is a good way to make sure you get accurate readings. However, there seems to be no rating system other than a weekly contest where customers vote to award the best Psychics with a weekly bonus.


Fluctuating price scales set by the Advisors and a rating system based on popularity and showmanship can make the site seem too much like entertainment.

However, Oranum is definitely the most professionally produced of the sites reviewed, and the free live video chat option is great for choosing the right psychic reader.

The $9.99 introductory deal is also interesting for those new to online psychic readings.

Get a free live reading on Oranum (official site)

5. Ask Now - Talk to a “Master” Psychic for Free

AskNow Logo - Special Deals.jpg


  • 5-minute free psychic readings* 
  • Good $1/minute packages
  • Kitchy charm
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Mixed bag on Psychics

Despite being the youngest of these sites at 17 years old, AskNow has an old-school feel, harkening back to when the idea of seeing a Psychic was something exotic.
The psychic readers presented on the site seem a little hit and miss though, with some having scores of positive ratings and others having none whatsoever. Despite this, AskNow boldly claims to be the nation’s premier Psychic network, let’s take a look and see if they are.

Getting a Free Psychic Reading

While there is an introductory offer highlighting both 20 and 30-minute packages at $1 a minute plus 5 free Master minutes, it’s important to understand that even though the packaged minutes are good for one year, the Master minutes expire in 30 days. 

Other deals include many of the Psychics on the site offering either $1/min readings or 5 free minutes, as well as a “one free question” offer with the promise of an instant answer from a trained Psychic. There is a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied, but it’s only for a maximum of 5 minutes of credit toward another Psychic.

Click here to get 5 *free minutes on AskNow’s official website


Like the best psychic reading sites mentioned above, AskNow offers a large variety of reading categories, via phone or chat.

  • Psychic Mediums
  • Clairvoyant Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology
  • Spiritual Guides
  • Dream Interpretation

Site Features

In general, the psychic reading platform is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate, with general headings for everything you’ll need. There is also an article section, and while it’s hit or miss depending on how much info you’re looking for, I was surprised (and pleased) to see a few articles on healthy eating. 

Screening Process

According to the site, the Advisors at AskNow are screened, tested, and hand-picked out of hundreds of applicants. Additionally, Advisors are categorized in various levels depending on their skills − Top Rated, Elite, or Master − the best online psychics having anywhere from 20 to 40+ years of experience.


While AskNow does appear to have some good free Psychics and the introductory offers are adequate, be sure to go for highly-reviewed psychic readers, as others can be hit and miss.

Get 5 *free minutes and pay only $1/min on AskNow

How We Chose the Best Psychics for Free Readings

Screening Process

There have been a couple of cases pointing out dodgy psychics on some untrustworthy sites.

To avoid this, genuine psychic sites do some kind of screening and verification for online psychics to prove their professionalism, identity, and talents before putting up their services on their sites. 

With this in mind, we carefully combed through online psychic reading websites to pick out those that offer thorough screening and verification before admitting their psychic readers to uphold professionalism and guarantee customer satisfaction.

To further prove their professionalism, we sifted through reviews of individual psychics to gauge that, indeed, customers are largely happy about their psychic reading services.

Great Welcome Packages

Top sites seem to offer some form of a welcome package to introduce new clients to their online psychic readings. These are mostly free minutes or a discount on the first reading - like the 3 FREE minutes on Kasamba.

We browsed psychic websites and picked out those that offered free readings and discounts that would allow new clients to wrap their heads around how the site works or even take time to find a psychic that works best for them.

We also gave an edge to those who offered genuine satisfaction guarantees to their customers if they weren't happy with their online psychic reading session - as it shows their commitment to satisfying their customers’ needs.

Free Psychic Readings

Unless it's a niche site, the best psychic sites seem to offer a wide variety of popular psychic readings like relationships, career, and family, to more unique ones like astrology, tarot reading, Mediumship, and others.

We looked at these psychic platforms to determine how many psychic readings they offered. And we made sure to choose those that had the best online Psychics that offered specific readings.

Reading Methods

Like reading categories, reading tools play a part in ensuring there’s something for everyone since both psychics and customers have different preferences.

We were keen to point out psychic reading sites with diverse psychics that offered readings with the help of various tools. And those that gave the customer a chance to choose their preferred reading tools for a satisfactory psychic reading session.

Great Customer Reviews

Usually, trustworthy and reputable psychic websites have largely positive customer reviews because of their effectiveness and ability to satisfy their customer’s needs.

Considering this, we browsed through tons of online psychic forums like Quora and Reddit, and other platforms like Google Play Store and App Store. We singled out psychic reading websites that had the most positive reviews from clients, on average.

Additionally, we gave an edge to online psychic reading sites that have improved their services after receiving a negative review - since this shows commitment to their client's needs.

Reasonable Fine Print

The fine print can be the Terms and Conditions or Disclaimers that a psychic reading site has in place for its customers. Oft-times, customers don’t check out the fine prints.

To protect every client, we carefully read through the terms and conditions and disclaimers of the sites we have narrowed down to know what customers should expect. 

We also made sure they have clear and reasonable ground rules and disclaimers that are helpful and not dubious or sketchy.

Ask a Psychic a Free Question: Communication Methods

Free Online Psychic Chat Room

Chat reading allows you to get a free psychic reading online in real-time in the form of live messaging, either on the site or a mobile app, just like casual buddies texting on social media.

Free Psychic Readings by Phone

With phone readings, you can call free psychics for advice just like you would on normal phone calls. This is an excellent method if you want a faster response with a little more intimate feel.

Video Psychic Readings

Video reading is the most in-person free online psychic reading method. You can video call free psychics on the site or mobile app and talk to them virtually, in real-time, like you would on Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Free Psychic Reading by Email

An email reading gives you the most private free psychic reading online services. At the same time, it gives you and the psychic more time to figure out your questions, which often results in more accurate psychic readings online. Just like regular emailing - only less boring!

Talk to a Free Psychic Online - Your Questions Answered

kasamba Special Deals.jpg

How to Avoid Fake Psychics Online?

There are many ways to avoid fake psychics and, as a result, fake readings. Here are a few basic rules you can follow.

Check Their Reviews

The easiest way to separate genuine psychics from dodgy ones is to check their online reviews.

Most psychic websites let customers see the reviews on individual psychics to see if they can trust them. Be wary of a psychic reader with several poor reviews since that implies they are not good at what they do.

Trust Your Gut

While your intuition may sometimes be wrong, there are enough online psychics out there that you should never settle for one that doesn’t “feel” right.

Additionally, a well-known scam used by fake psychics is to tell you that you are cursed and that they can lift the curse (at an extra cost). If a psychic reader tells you something along these lines, just run away.

Pay Attention To Detail

Usually, a psychic reader gives you certain bits of information during free readings to see if they resonate with you. But, unfortunately, fake psychics tend to provide general information that would most likely look accurate to deceive you. 

Generally, watch out for psychic readers that tell you what you want to hear instead of giving more profound insight into your questions.

In other words − the best free psychic readings online are generally very specific. Ideally, the psychic reader should tell you things that only you (or a few loved ones) would know about.

Ask Questions

You should ask questions during online psychic readings to get a better understanding of your situation.

Genuine online psychic readers are open to questions since their goal is to help you out. On the other hand, fake psychics may become edgy, fidgety, or even dismissive since they cannot answer your questions.

Avoid Psychics That Boast 100% Accuracy

Generally, real psychics try to give you helpful information that may provide you with life direction since they realize that circumstances can change. 

On the flip side, fake psychic readers tend to be overconfident and offer a ‘100% accuracy guarantee’ on their spiritual readings to deceive vulnerable potential customers.

Are Free Psychic Sessions Accurate?

Yes, free psychic reading sessions can be quite accurate. 

However, as expected − the most accurate psychic readings tend to come from reputable psychics with thousands of reviews.

To get real psychic readings, we recommend going with trusted sites like Kasamba or Psychic Source.

How Does a Real Psychic Reading Work?

A real psychic reading works by a client telling the psychic the issue bothering them. The psychic will then use their heightened perception to feel, sense, hear or even see messages using reading tools like tarot cards to advise the client.

Can Psychic Readers Make Mistakes?

Well, yes, Psychic readers can make mistakes. This can happen when there’s some distraction like noise or when some other person interrupts a reading session by rubbing off their energy during a reading.

Therefore, we recommend finding a quiet room in your house to have your free psychic readings online.

Are Free Online Psychics (Offers & Minutes) Legitimate?

Yes, free psychic offers are legitimate. But keep in mind that to get a legit free psychic reading online, you have to go to reputable and trustworthy websites like Kasamba and Keen.

When Should I Consult a Psychic Reader?

You should consult a psychic reader anytime you feel you have life questions that no one else can seem to answer quite well. Using their abilities, psychics can give answers to quite confusing personal mysteries.

What Types of Free Online Psychic Readings Are Available?

General Psychic Readings: General psychic readings involve a psychic reader using their heightened abilities to advise their client during a free psychic reading online. And this can be done using various methods and tools.

Clairvoyant Readings: During online psychic readings, a Clairvoyant psychic can perceive direct images around their customers' questions and advise them effectively by interpreting the images.

Tarot Readings: During online tarot readings, the psychic will rely on tarot cards that they then interpret to answer the client’s questions or worries.

Astrology Readings: Free astrology readings involve the divine skill of interpreting a person’s life situation using the positions of celestial bodies like the moon and planets.

Numerology Readings: During free numerology readings, psychics seek to interpret the numbers associated with someone's name, family, date, and more in the belief that 
everything is tied to numbers.

Crystal Ball Readings: Crystal ball psychics can see images in crystals and interpret those images to predict the future.

Palm Readings: When palm reading (palmistry), the psychic expert analyses the palm’s physical features during the online psychic reading to predict your personality and the future.

The Takeaway: Where to Get an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading

For whatever reason you decide to get a free psychic reading session, be it serious or out of curiosity, it’s important that you’re aware of what’s involved.

All of the sites listed here feature legitimate Psychics, but the ultimate purpose of this article has been to focus on affordability. With that in mind, each of the sites listed also offers useful discounts, but a couple of them manage to stand out above the rest.

Leading the pack is Kasamba, offering 3 free minutes with every new reader you try and a whopping 70% off your first $50 when you finally decide on someone. In addition, they provide a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

Next is Psychic Source. Their 10, 20, and 30-minute packages at $1 per minute are very cheap, and you need to use a pre-paid account which means you can easily control how much you spend.

While there is no doubt that psychic readings can be healing, life-affirming, and fun, hopefully, some of the deals listed here will also put them within your reach.

We sincerely wish you all the best, and we hope that you will find the right psychic to be yourself again.

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